Tuesdays With Morons - LOLympic Special

Tuesdays With Morons - LOLympic Special

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Jokes For Medals: When stand-up comedy tries to win a Gold for Indian Olympians.

East India Co.medy is proud to bring back the 2nd edition of its show Tuesdays With Morons (TWM) in support of Indias Olympic dreams. Join us as we make inane jokes, awful puns and Bronze-medal worthy idiocy To raise funds for Indias Olympic campaigns.

One ofIndia`s top six comedians(Times Of India),a Young Achiever of 2012(Society) and Gold Medal Winner In Marrying Bengali Women, SORABH PANT, will headline and bring some of his ridiculous characters alive, who include Pantjot Singh Sidhu, Lord Pantbatten and the Worlds Worst Marathon Runner, Ngoma Pant.

The show will also feature:
Bronze Medal winner in Looking Young,Kunal Rao who will double up as Emcee, Chick Magnet, Mike-Stand. Platinum Winner of Punjabi Angst, Aditi Mital, whose anger may pull down flying Jets. Plus, Silver Medal Winner of Hair Gels, Sapan Varmaand Gold Medal Wearing Gujarati, Sahil Shah. They will shoot punchlines at you like a Bindra, lift your weight and mood like a Malleshwari, make you swim through waves of laughter and eventually reward you with medals for laughing!

The Morons are delighted to announce the stand up comedy debut of MTVs sexiest VJ since himself, Jose Covaco who will shed light on how if he and Sorabh combined forces, theyd become PantyJose. Or, something more sensible, but, most likely not!

Indians are Gold-Medal winners at all kinds of sports leching, bargaining, nagging, scamming and turning gold medals into Jewelry. But, its time we focused on the real sports and not Kalmadis Chartered Accountant! There are a few organizations helping Indias REAL sportsmen and women win 1 Billion karat gold medals for their nation GoSport Foundation is one of them. These bad jokes are for them!

TWM will feature some jokes on the Olympics from an Indian point of view:
Why Kabaddi at the Olympics is a bad idea, how Indian divers should wear boxers and why Olympic Officials should look at brochures from Raj Travels. Plus, lots of other comedy that has nothing to do with sports, Olympics or winning anything.

ALL proceeds GO to SupPORTin GoSport Foundation and India`s quest for Gold.
This is the only time Olympics and laughter will go together. So be there and be a sport.

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