USTAD RASHID KHAN`s-Fusion Ecstasy

USTAD RASHID KHAN`s-Fusion Ecstasy

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Artists: Ustad Rashid Khan, Pt.Tejendra Majumdar, Pt. Shubhankar Banerjee, Darshan Doshi, Paddy Singh, Jyoti Goho, Bumpy
Jhankar: Ustad Rashid Khans - Fusion Ecstasy is the first of its kind event being developed with an idea of bringing the lead vocal genre in fusion with the melody of the Sarod & the rhythms of West and the East. The event communicates the message of Indian Cultural ethos and also celebrates the freedom of expression in terms of timeless and ageless music.

List of Performers

World famous Vocalist
Ustad Rashid Khan

World famous Sarod Player
Pt.Tejendra Majumdar

World famous Tabla Player
Pt. Shubhankar Banerjee

Renowned and very famous Drummer
Darshan Doshi (From the MTV Coke Studio Fame)

Famous Keyboard & Synthesizer Player & Composer
Paddy Singh

Jyoti Goho

Bass Guitar

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