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Victor & The Crowns (A)

Victor & The Crowns (A)

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Artists: Victor And The Crowns
blueFROGs take on Victor & The Crowns - Songs from the Rock n Roll hall of fame
There are some people in this world we just can`t get enough of. And, this bunch of doctors, businessmen and engineers are some of them! We love the fact that these musical talents enjoy themselves as much as we enjoy watching their hi energy and joie-de-vivre!
-Emmanuelle de Decker, Live Programming

All about Victor & The Crowns - Songs from the Rock n Roll hall of fame

Main Artist:
Victor & The Crowns

Victor & The Crowns is a lineup of hobby-musicians, inspired by the Golden era of music from the 60s to the 80s. Influenced by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Elvis, CCR etc., music is a serious pastime for this mix of career professionals.

Fronted by Dr. Victor Rodrigues, the line-up boasts arrangements and harmonies by Keith ``Maestro`` Suares, vocals by Stephanie Petit, Simone Patrick, Beryl Pinto, Raynah Braganza, bass by Keith Donald, acoustic guitar by Larry Rebello, synthesizer and keyboards by Dr. Nikhil Cunha, mandolin and vocals by Dipak Shah, drumming from Benjamin Sequeira, violin by Dielle Braganza and lead-guitar by Douglas Misquita. This is a real crowd-pulling act with signature interpretations of a number of chart-toppers!

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