Weekend Voyagers- Fun with Science Workshop
Weekend Voyagers- Fun with Science Workshop  Tickets

Weekend Voyagers- Fun with Science Workshop

  • Language :
  • English
  • Duration :
  • 1 hr 30 mins
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  • Workshop

Oakridge International School introduces a pioneering program - Weekend Voyagers, a weekend activity initiative which provides a myriad of opportunities for students of all ages. The intent of this program is to fully engage the boundless love for learning in children. This program gives them the chance to discover and be passionate about subjects that go well beyond academic learning, and equips them with life-long skills.

Objective:To make children get closer to the world of Science - theories from text books such as centre of gravity and air resistance

Learning Outcome: To learn the science concepts not by memory, but by understanding its application in real life.
Takeaways:Certificates upon the successful completion of the workshop

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Weekend Voyagers- Fun with Science Workshop 's Terms and Conditions
    Entry for 6 to 16 years ( Group I: 6 to 10 and Group II: 11 to 16 years)
    Duration of workshop is for 12 Sundays.

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