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1920 - Evil Returns (A)
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1920 - Evil Returns (A)

1920 - Evil Returns (A) Movie Tickets

Director: Bhushan Patel

Cast & Crew: Aftab Shivdasani, Tia Bajpai, Vidya Malvade, Sharad Kelkar

Music: Chirantan Bhatt

The film is a supernatural thriller which revolves around Jaidev Varma, a famous poet who lives the life of a loner as he is unable to meet the love of his life. He stays with his sister Karuna who is his support system until he meets Smruti, who he finds near the lake under mysterious circumstances.

Jaidev brings her home and takes care of her against the wishes of his sister who does not want Smruti to stay as she senses something wrong with her. During the course of time, Jaidev finds out that Smruti has lost her memory and does not remember anything from her past. Jaidev decides to take Smruti to Shimla to get her treated in a hospital. On their way while resting in a guest house, Smruti gets possessed and becomes uncontrollable.

The question remains: What bond does Jaidev share with Smruti that compels him to go to any extent to help her? What made Smruti get possessed by the spirit?

Rohit Khilnani (Rediff)

On and off, they break into a song where she plays the violin and he plays the piano. Karuna is obviously not impressed with all the attention that her brother is giving an unknown person by keeping her inside the house and taking her to the city hospital.

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Sudip Ray Sudip Ray

superhit Story,script,direction and acting...very well done...overall asuperhit

Super Hit
Raptor Raptor

SUCKS disgusting movie......waste of time

sumit sumit
Sasha Sasha

1920- a comedy show worthless as compared to the first sequel. It was a sad comedy show and tried copying most of t english movie..

Super Hit
soumya soumya

not even a one time watch!! no horror... worst dialogues.. bad acting... not upto the mark... 1st part was far far better

Time Pass
sabya sabya

nice Ok time watch movie .

ArpitS ArpitS

Great Horror Movie Very well made-this is the kind of horror movie which should be made in India whenever attempted.

Super Hit
Kanwar Kanwar

Worst Movie This was the worst movie i have ever seen it


The movie is yet to hit the cinemas.