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6-5=2 (Kannada) (A)
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6-5=2 (Kannada) (A)

6-5=2 (Kannada) (A) Movie Tickets

Director: Swarna Lata

Cast & Crew: Ramesh

Verdict: Fun trek that turned into blood and gore.

A group of friends who went to trek never came back.In 2010 Ramesh and his 5 friends had been to trekking.Among them 3 died and 2 disappeared.9 days later Ramesh's camera was found.What happened to them? Were they killed? Who killed them? Will camera be able to tell us the truth?

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Arun Kumar T Arun Kumar T

My review for 65 2 Kannada A Itz an amazing movie and i watched it more than 8times in theatres Hats off to 6 5 2 Team

Super Hit
Darshan Iyengar Darshan Iyengar

My review for 65 2 Kannada A After long time a Good Kannada movie... very nice

Super Hit
Priyanka Sreenivasa Priyanka Sreenivasa

My review for 65 2 Kannada A Awesome,,,,worth watching best horror in kannada aftr a long time,,

Super Hit
Shishir Dk Shishir Dk

My review for 65 2 Kannada A Awesome Movie. Sakkatagidhe .Bayanaka vaagidhe.Must Watch

Super Hit
Tara Pissay Tara Pissay

My review for 65 2 Kannada A Superb horror movie... Dont miss to watch it friends...

Super Hit
Mukesh Mandal Mukesh Mandal

Best Ever Kannada Horror Movie Kindly Watch this Movie this movie will thrill and which will make you too hold your nerves

Super Hit
Vasanth kumar Vasanth kumar

My review for 65 2 Kannada A ...5 2 movie is so good and story line also nice. its looks like real story . this movie is technically good and i liked the screen play , camera work .. Please watch this moveMy rating is 5 star

Super Hit
Usha Latha Usha Latha

My review for 65 2 Kannada A Very nice movie. Good to see such creative movies in Kannada.Great effort and good plot . all actors has acted well. Must watch

Super Hit
Rakesh Yadav Rakesh Yadav

My review for 65 2 Kannada A after long time I watched a good horror movie... paisa vasul ... acting looked very natural .. on weeks days I never saw this much crowed for any good English or Hindi movie also.. must watch...

Super Hit

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