ABCD - Any Body Can Dance (3D) (U/A)
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ABCD - Any Body Can Dance (3D) (U/A)

Dance MusicalHindi
ABCD - Any Body Can Dance (3D) (U/A) Movie Tickets

Director: Remo DSouza

Cast & Crew: Lauren Gottlieb, Prince Gupta, Dharmesh Yelande, Mayuresh Wadkar, Vrushali Chavan, Ganesh Acharya, Salman, Prabhu Deva, Saroj Khan, Punit Pathak

Music: Sachin Jigar

When Prabhu widely regarded as India's dancer is thrown out from the dance academy he himself set up, he decides to take up the biggest challenge of his life and takes a group of talented but untrained dancers from Mumbai under his wing. He helps them overcome their inhibitions, personal rivalries, their past demons and turns them into India's best dance squad. Will he succeed?

From UTV Motion Pictures and renowned choreographer and dancer, Remo D'souza comes India's first dance 3D film an underdog story that proves yet again that if you dare to dream, impossible is nothing.

BMS Reviewer

Review: With so many dance reality shows doing the rounds in the past couple of years, it`s about time we had our very own version of Step Up. ABCD comes at a time when the quality of dance in the country is at its peak. There used to be just one Saroj Khan and one Prabhu ...

Madhureeta Mukherjee(TOI)

The reason is simple. Their ideologies are out of sync - Vishnu believes in true talent, Jehangir trades talent for trophies and TRPs. The former says it`s about `performance`, the latter claims it`s about `packaging`. Vishnu is on the verge of giving up, until he spots a gang of footloose street-dancers performing at a Ganesh Utsav. He tangos with chaddi-buddy Gopi (Ganesh) to train them to compete in a dance reality show. They set the dance floor on fire, but not without their grooves, greed, lifts, let-downs, flip-ups and fragile egos. And of course, some `hip-hop`-hurrays too!In the film, Prabhudeva says, ``Dance apne aap mein ek nasha hai. Jab yeh nasha ho, aur koi nasha nahin ho sakta!`` Bingo! And when he takes centerstage, your jaw drops and heart leaps. He acts a bit, emotes in parts, but dances in a rhapsodic high.

Prasanna D Zore(Rediff)

ABCD tugs at your emotional cords all the way as Prabhu Deva [ Images ] (Vishnu [ Images ] Sir) tries to convert a bunch of street ruffians into champions.While you may have seen the same plot in Lagaan [ Images ] and Chak De India [ Images ]!, the canvas here has changed from the playing field to a dancing arena, with the protagonist endeavouring to polish rough cut dancing diamonds into winners by imbibing in them values like brotherhood, sportsperson-like spirit and loyalty.Technically and production-wise, ABCD, howsoever the title may sound silly, punches you hard. Niftily edited dance sequences, a chase that is a mix of dancing and eye-popping jumps, make ABCD the Dabangg of dancing. The dance numbers are brilliantly executed and the thrill quotient is highly enhanced as you watch the movie in three dimensions.

Rajeev Masand

`ABCD`, an acronym for Any Body Can Dance, should have been more fun than it is, given that it`s a true-blue 3D dance movie packed with energetic musical set-pieces. But the film suffers from the same malady that plagues this genre everywhere. Like the ``Step Up`` movies from which it`s evidently inspired, ``ABCD`` has a threadbare, predictable plot, and a cast of professional dancers who can break into gravity-defying moves but can`t deliver a line of dialogue convincingly. At 2 hours and 20 minutes, `ABCD` is too long. There`s some genuinely original choreography up there, but it`s lost in a plodding film with characters you couldn`t care about. I`m going with a generous two out of five for `ABCD`. Even if it`s true what this film claims - that anybody can dance, it also provides evidence that the same is not true of acting!

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Premkiran Mannava Premkiran Mannava

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA Awesome nerve strucking sequences... those who are dance freaks and those who luv the fast catchy moments go for it...

Super Hit
Aditya Bhimrajka Aditya Bhimrajka

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA It hilarious... One of the finest blend of dancing and staoryline... The movie is not close to the Step up sequels, predictable like Indian traditional cinema line, but the arts performance took it to a different level...

Super Hit
Ananta Mangaokar Ananta Mangaokar

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA ekadam kadak ... zhakassssss... ... Prabhudeva rocksssssssssssssssssss... incredible dance sequences

Super Hit
Aditya Shrotriya Aditya Shrotriya

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA amazing movie and amazing dance prabhudeva rokzzz...

Super Hit
Jaydeep Gangurde Jaydeep Gangurde

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA A ll everybody really see this movie for dharmesh sir because only simple steps he will do in life reallistic and much more than if you are not good looking but just like dharmesh sir do hardwork to achieve ur succes If ur not dancer then do just like punit but do it like heart touh feelling God bless them hard work and pashion is only way to reach sucsess...

Super Hit
Amar Thakur Amar Thakur

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA Nice and balance movie... a family picture boss... Prabhudeva and all others did well

Super Hit
Leena Debnath Leena Debnath

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA gr888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Super Hit
Vipul Tailor Vipul Tailor

My review for ABCD Any Body Can Dance 3D UA dharmesh sir good i love danceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Super Hit
Sidharth Sanil Sidharth Sanil


Super Hit

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