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Chakravyuh (U/A)
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Chakravyuh (U/A)

Drama SocialHindi
Chakravyuh (U/A) Movie Tickets

Director: Prakash Jha

Cast & Crew: Abhay Deol, Arjun Rampal, Esha Gupta, Manoj Bajpayee, Anjali Patil, Om Puri

Music: Sulaiman Merchant, Salim Merchant

There is a war raging in India - A war whose end can't be seen, a war that isn't being waged by outsiders - The enemy is our own!

The youth of the country are rebelling against injustice, tyranny, exploitation. Inequality will not be tolerated forever, there is anger and deep social unrest.

Our own countrymen are locked in the bloodiest armed mutiny this country has ever seen. 'Chakravyuh' is the story of six extraordinary characters, each with an all-consuming dream and a promise they will uphold above everything else.

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Himanshu Himanshu

Great Nice movie, not typical Bollywood style.

Super Hit
monish monish
Super Hit
vijay kumar vijay kumar

SOLIDMOVIE A good movie great acting bye abhay deol

Super Hit
Sumit Sumit

Excellent Excellent movie.. Must watch every indian.. Nexalism is not a Atankwaad but its a fight for the basic rights.. Great Prkash Jha..

Super Hit
Fakhruddin Khambaty Fakhruddin Khambaty

CluelessEntity Its like watching a theater play and the entire jungle is the stage. Fabulous performances by Arjun Rampal, Abhay Deol, Anjali Patil....and needless to mention Manoj Bajpayee. Background music supports the film to the core, perfect sync with every scene. There is something that grips you more and more tight to the film every ten minutes. The backbone is the story and direction, both first class. Overall, a must watch for every sensible person, not a brainless film bt thoroughly entertaining.

krish krish
Super Hit
bk bk

very good Very Good Movie. Showing reality of our country. Must watch for every Indian who want to know his/her real country.

Super Hit
Mohan Mohan

Superb Fantastic Movie.. But Waste character of Esha Gupta..... Ending was not at all good.....Hello MR Prakash Jha Ending should have been more Realistic... and not Commercial... But Hats off for ur Concept Lal Salaam comrade.....

Super Hit
rajiv rajiv
Super Hit

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