Chander Pahar (U/A)
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Chander Pahar (U/A)

Action AdventureBengali
Chander Pahar (U/A) Movie Tickets

Director: Kamaleswar Mukherjee

Cast & Crew: Gerard Rudolf, Dev, Martin Cito Otto

Music: Indradeep Dasgupta

Verdict: Embark on a journey to a fabled Mountain of the Moon.

Chander Pahar is the journey to the fabled, 'Mountain Of The Moon', in search of gold and diamond mines, up against threats as vivid and varied as lurking snakes, pouncing lions, poisonous flora, the fury of an active volcano and a seemingly, almost supernatural mythical horror 'The Bunyip' the guardian angel of the diamond cave.

However it is also the story of grit and determination, a story of following one's dream against all odds and emerging victorious, a story about a young lad called Shankar who, faced with the prospect of having to make a living as a factory worker in his impoverished village, bids farewell to his family in Keutia, rural Bengal, and through his aid Prasad Das Banopadhay, who happens to work for the Uganda railway head office sets sail to the Dark Continent to work as the station master in Nakuru station, a dream come true for Shankar who has always envisioned himself as a expeditionary and holds interest in world geography and map reading.

It is at this Nakuru station, where Shankar is faced with the consequences of Africa, ranging from bloodthirsty lions & aggressive Black Mambas. Shankar's true test begins when he rescues the Portuguese explorer Diego Alvarez and he tells the story of the ultimate adventure; a journey to the fabled 'Mountain of the Moon'.

BMS Review

Having watched Kamleshwar Mukherjee`s earlier film `Meghe Dhaka Tara (cloud-capped star)`, it is striking to see a new director on the block who is just 3 films old, make such a powerful use of cinematic techniques. It`s a huge leap forward in terms of visual production for the Bengali film industry. The story is an ...

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Sandipan Show Sandipan Show

My review for Chander Pahar UA Movie of the Year 2013A must-watch Film for all people

Super Hit
Abhishek Chakraborty Abhishek Chakraborty

My review for Chander Pahar UA Awesome, superb, outstanding movie. Every one can see this adventure movie...

Super Hit
Sanjoy Dutta Chowdhury Sanjoy Dutta Chowdhury

My review for Chander Pahar UA the great movie, something are different from main story, otherwise as a movie very good.

Indranil Ghosh Indranil Ghosh

A superhit movie with innovative ideas... Can be treated as best movie of the year 2014. Superb acting and superb a casting. Dev was at his best...

Super Hit
Kaushal Manna Kaushal Manna

My review for Chander Pahar UA Just awsome, a great role, played by Dev, gave almost a hollywood type feeling,just wanna say, Wow ...

Super Hit
Amit Upla Amit Upla

My review for Chander Pahar UA awesome movie...must watch every per me that is good move also location.

Super Hit
Priyam Mukherjee Priyam Mukherjee

My review for Chander Pahar UA An awesome movie... Just vaba jayna... Dev is brilliant... A must watch movie

Super Hit
Titas Dey Titas Dey

My review for Chander Pahar UA Best film OF the YearMust Watch :D . Tollywood e erokom film hote pare bhaba jay na .

Super Hit
Manas Shome Manas Shome

My review for Chander Pahar UA Excellent movie, given that this is the first Bengali movie of its kind in the adventure genre. People who love National Geographic and the thrills of exploration backed by a great story, will thoroughly enjoy.Dev has come off his sheds on acting, and Kamaleshwar has drawn out the best in him.There may be minor glitches that any hard critic will be able, and try to, find, but there is no second view in the fact that its highly recommended, given you are not the type who think a movie is only complete when there is a heroine and songs.

Super Hit

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