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Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali (U)
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Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali (U)

Animation ChildrenHindi
Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali (U) Movie Tickets

Director: Rajiv Chilaka

Cast & Crew: Parignya Pandya Shah, Raju, Rupa Bhimani, Bholu

On an invitation from the King of Bali, Bheem and his friends head to Bali to attend the crowning ceremony of their Prince. On their way, Raja Indraverma tells them about beautiful Bali, and the kids are super excited to visit this land of unlimited landscapes but before they can reach Bali, the kingdom is captured by evil Rangda who also arrests the king and queen of Bali. However the little crown prince manages to escape and forms an alliance with Bheem to take on Rangda, the evil witch who wants to rule Bali.
Rangda is a very powerful villain, and has Leyaks as her army who cause destruction and disease among the people and animals. Now, it is up to Bheem and his friends along with the Prince to take on, fight and defeat the evil witch.

Experience the never told before story with lot of fun gags, amazing visuals and soothing music in a theatre near you, this summer.

BMS Review

Review: The story starts with The King of Dholakpur, Raja Indravarma wanting to meet his sister who is married to the King of Bali and their very charming son Prince Arjun. He meets and talks to the most famous gang of Dholakpur which is led by our favorite Chhota Bheem, Raju, Chutki and the rest. ...

Renuka Vyavahare (TOI)

Bheem Bheem Bheem, Chhota Bheem Bheem Bheem...the song was an anthem of sorts for all the kids who showed up for the morning show of this film! They giggled when Bheem gulped down his favourite laddoos and even clapped when he punched the bad guys. Immensely popular on TV as well, the Chhota Bheem franchise has become one of the most popular animation series in India and rightly so. The characters are adorable. There is enough and more humour that can entertain people of all age groups and the story-telling keeps you hooked. As far as story is concerned, as we all know, Bheem`s biggest power is his strength and this film too revolves around it. He plays a saviour once again. This time, he takes up a task of saving the people of Bali from the clutches of cruel witch Rangda who wants to destroy their god to become the mightiest. On the other hand, Bali`s Prince Arjun seeks revenge from the witch as she holds his parents, the king and the queen captive. Bheem and his friends Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu-Bholu promise to support Arjun. Can the tiny gang win the battle?

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Shubham Omer Shubham Omer

My review for Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali U excellent movie for kids...had a rocking time at INOX with frnds

Super Hit
Vandana Shukla Vandana Shukla

My review for Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali U my 4 yr daughter Aditi is crazy for chotta bheem.She is very excited about the movie and the cute chutki

Super Hit
Vatsal Manek Vatsal Manek

My review for Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali U The concept of bali was something new.I dont watch chhota bheem cartoon series but i liked this movie

Super Hit
Sachin Gururaj Sachin Gururaj

Where are you travelling next year bheem What a wonderful movie this is my son enjoyed it to the maximum and has asked me to book for the same again for next Saturday. the fantastic thing is the real mythical creature Rangda based on a mythological creature of Bali. Reasonably placed new character, importance given to the right character is just fantastic and appreciated. my dear Chhota Bheem, where are you set to travel after Sonapur in Damyan and Bali in Throne of Bali We are waiting for you to go to a new place in 2014. Come Chhota Bheem again to keep both my sons happy very soon. Missing is the regular song Bheeeem chhoota bheem

Super Hit
Ramya Sivaji Ramya Sivaji

chota Bheem My daughter likes chota bheem very much, she also likes ladoo like bheem

nilesh kundap nilesh kundap

like My Daughter Nehal is very like of serial and This movie, we also enjoy this movie,

Super Hit
sanarya sanarya sanarya sanarya

My review for Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali U Saw the movie..not a great storyline in comparison to Hollywood animations which have a message for young and adults alike...but children liked it and are crazy about chhota bheem and gang...loved the character of Arjun..complements bheem...

Roopesh Agarwal Roopesh Agarwal

My review for Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali U My 5yr daughter Annika is crazy for Chhota Bheem. She is excited abt the movie..

Super Hit
Jogender Singh Jogender Singh

My review for Chhota Bheem And The Throne of Bali U Chota bheem is always Rocking. Rayansh is excited about the movie

Super Hit

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