Dekh Tamasha Dekh (A)
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Dekh Tamasha Dekh (A)

Comedy Satire SocialHindi
Dekh Tamasha Dekh (A) Movie Tickets

Director: Feroz Abbas Khan

Cast & Crew: Satish Kaushik, Tanvi Azmi, Ganesh Yadav, Vinay Jain

Dekh Tamasha Dekh is a political and social satire based on a true story, it revolves around the search for the religious identity of a poor man crushed under the weight of a politician`s hoarding.
The film explores an Impossible India where bizarre is normal. Where religion is funnier then the best comedy show and politics is scarier then the worst horror movie. Welcome to Hindu-isthan.

BMS Review

The worst part of the election season is that Bollywood tends to ape the current tone, rather pulse, of the country. With that in mind, we get Dekh Tamasha Dekh. Directed by Feroz Abbas Khan, this movie shows us, through satire, how the great political game works. We get see to the whole country showcased ...

Shubhra Gupta (

A village somewhere in Maharashtra is a microcosm of India today, with religious and ethnic and class strife spilling murderously out into the streets. Dekh Tamasha Dekh is fashioned as a satire, and at its best, it does what all satires must : it stings.Heres director Feroz Abbas Khans motley bunch : a publisher ( Kaushik) of a local rag, who has no religion other than profit , an editor who learns which way his bread is buttered, a writer whose book is burnt, a body which could be either Hindu or Muslim, and a village split down the middle.

Udita Jhunjhunwala (

With Dekh Tamasha Dekh, Feroz Abbas Khan takes a true story set in small town Maharashtra and weaves in complex and layered comments about the absurdity of Indian society.In one hour fourty eight minutes, he creates a microcosm of India, representing the intelligentsia, media, lawmakers, breakers and keepers, politicians, fanatics, the aam aadmi and more.Cleverly crafted by writer Shafaat Khan, events unfold in a coastal town where a man is crushed to death under the weight of a giant hoarding of a local politician.

ubha Shetty-Saha (mid-day)

There is a dead body. The body belongs to Hamid, who was earlier Kishan, a Hindu who converted in order to get married to a Muslim woman (Tanvi Azmi). When alive, Hamid aka Kishan was a drunkard who lived with his wife and two grown up children. He perhaps led the most nondescript life, but his dead body becomes a powerful weapon for religious leaders of the area to incite violence in the form of Hindu-Muslim riots in the area. Vinay Jain plays the role of a newly appointed cop who has to find a quick solution to this seemingly unsolvable Hindu-Muslim divide.

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Vineet Khajanchi Vineet Khajanchi

My review for Dekh Tamasha Dekh A excellant must watch movie. good work by satish kaushik and the other cast.

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  • The worst part of the election season is that Bollywood tends to ape the current tone, rather pulse, of the country. Wit...