Dhoom: 3 (Telugu) (U/A)
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Dhoom: 3 (Telugu) (U/A)

Action ThrillerTelugu
Dhoom: 3 (Telugu) (U/A) Movie Tickets

Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya

Cast & Crew: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff

Music: Pritam Chakraborty

Verdict: Dhoom: 3 - Chasing the clown!

In the cacophony of today's world, we would like to transport you to a time when an audience discovered a film in the theatre. A time to forget your world and get involved with the world of

A man so driven that he exudes an energy thats at once alluring and dangerous, fiery, fierce and unforgiving. Sahir The Clown Thief is a force that destroys whatever opposes him.

The canny cop from Mumbai. Determined, analytical, persevering. Jai can go to any lengths to get his adversary and sometimes you have to think like the enemy to trap the enemy.

The entertainer. The reluctant cop who is at home anywhere - from Nagpada to Niagara Falls, Ali is always at ease, ready to fall in love with anything that resembles the female form and unswerving in his search to become a familywala.

A fresh faced unassuming girl who transforms once she is on stage. She is a fearless soul who defies gravity in her act in the circus. She is equally fearless in matters of the heart.

Srijana Mitra Das (TOI)

Straight up, Dhoom 3 makes you laugh, gasp - even sniffle. The most emotional of the Dhoom series yet, this is Aamir Khan`s show all the way. As revengeful circus star Sahir, whose father Iqbal (Shroff) dies after losing his beloved Great Indian Circus to a stony-hearted Chicago bank, Khan is terrific. The Dhoom series usually showcases brawn on bikes but in this one, mind meets machinery, Khan`s brain almost visibly ticking behind his eyes, calculating every second before he vrroooms off on a bike - across a wire stretched high between buildings, beneath a mega-truck, even underwater. Chicago forms a super backdrop for Sahir`s stunts, the grainy stone of its buildings the perfect texture against which those bikes purr past with velveteen growls. Scrawling `Teri aisi ki taisi` on its vaults and scattering the bank`s money across Chicago`s skies, Sahir makes the local police look as intelligent as turkeys. But things change when Mumbai cop ACP Jai Dixit (Bachchan), with bike-and-babe-mad subordinate Ali (Chopra), arrive and figure out why - and how - Sahir is breaking the bank.

Anupama Chopra (Hindustan Times)

So does Dhoom:3 deliver? Yes and no. The third installment, written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, is bigger and more plot-heavy than the first two. For the first time, we are given a detailed explanation of why the thief- in this case Sahir, played by Aamir Khan - does what he does. The film kicks off with a superb action sequence, but then becomes bogged down by the ridiculous backstory and Aamir`s furrowed brow. He looks angst-ridden even in the tap-dancing title sequence. For a while, I wondered if the actor was simply too serious for a movie like this.

Raja Sen (Rediff)

Twenty minutes into Dhoom 3, reeling from the assault of cinema so amateurish its hard to believe it was put together by grown men, I began to ask myself precisely what this film was trying to be. There was an annoying kid borrowed from the melodrama of Subhash Ghai movies, complete with a moist-eyed Jackie Shroff. There were the cheesiest of dialogues, Kader Khan in Dickensian mode. There were stunts seemingly executed in slow-motion and shown to us even slower, resulting in yawnworthy chase scenes. There was Aamir Khan running down the side of a building for no apparent reason. Everything - repeat, everything - looked too goofy to be either thrilling or realistic or compelling or even plain fun. And then it hit me. Dhoom 3 is a childrens film made for children whove never seen a film. How else can you explain this famine of originality? How else can you possibly justify the lack of a single interesting scene right up to the intermission? And how, after that, can you account for Aamir Khans blatant exploitation of yet another Christopher Nolan masterpiece that the actor (by his own admission) doesnt understand?

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Priyatham Manne Priyatham Manne

My review for Dhoom 3 Telugu UA bigger and better... so nice... have a ride...Aamir khan and twists are main assets for the movie

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