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Inspector Arjun (Gujrati) (U/A)
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Inspector Arjun (Gujrati) (U/A)

Action DramaGujarati
Inspector Arjun (Gujrati) (U/A) Movie Tickets

Director: Shailendra Thakore

Cast & Crew: Chandan Rathod, Manoj Rao, Shefali Patel, Chandrakant Mota, Mahesh Mota, Haresh Joshi

Music: Mahesh Bhavariya

The film 'Inspector Arjun' is about a righteous patriotic police inspector in Kutch. Arjun invests a lot of time, taking action against Vikramsingh Vaghela, the biggest Don in town while doing this, he faces a lot of opposition from his colleagues. Then Shital a town's leader comes into Arjun's life and the duo eventually fall in love but Shital works for Vikramsingh. What happens next? Will Arujn be able to fight corruption and Vikramsingh? What is the connection between Vikramsingh and Shital? Will Arujn and Shital get together?

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