Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal (A)
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Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal (A)

Action CrimeHindi
Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal (A) Movie Tickets

Director: Manish Vatsalya

Cast & Crew: Ravi Kissen, Manish Vatsalya, Yashpal Sharma, Rahul Kumar, Pooja Welling, Govind Namdev, Sharat Saxena, Ashwini Kalsekar

Originating from the dark and gruesome underbelly of Bihar, 'Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal' depicts the journey of four mercenaries who come to Mumbai on a mission in pursuit of a crime. However, their ambitious plan comes to a standstill when one of them has a change of heart and their lives take an eventful turn.

Is this the beginning of their transformation? Will they still complete the heinous crime that brought them to Mumbai? Or will they just become victims of their fate and sinister ambitions?

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who should see this movie people who have nothing else to do, or people who have money useless & undauntedly lying in their pockets.. it is really really sad

Swaroop Chattaraj Swaroop Chattaraj

Very Refreshing ! Do you remember te last time you watched a movie that told you a story ? After long comes a movie which reminds you of the good old days when your grandmom used to tell you the tales that you used to listen to, wide-eyed! The music of the film is brilliant! Specially the title track and the Item Number "PalangTod". Composers Shadaab-Abhik seem to be a very promising duo and one can watch out for their forthcoming films. Amazing performances by Ravi, Yashpal Sharma, Murali & Ashwini Kalsekar!

Super Hit

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