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Nabar (U)

Drama FamilyPunjabi
Nabar (U) Movie Tickets

Director: T.K. Rajeev Kumar

Cast & Crew: Nishawn Bhullar, Rana Ranbir, Hardeep Gill, Harbinder Kaur Babli

Verdict: A story of every individual with dreams in his eyes.

The film is a story every individual with dreams in his eyes. It is a story of Surjan Singh who becomes a fighter to fight injustice, it is a story of Chindo, a mother for whom her son's marriage is important,it is a story of Manjeet, a girl whose love can see death but she thinks her relation won't die, it is a story of Karam who aims to go abroad and live a lavish life and it is a story of Rana, a struggling stand-up comedian. The film shows all the elements of human life in form of never before told stories.

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