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Nirantharam Nee Oohalo
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Nirantharam Nee Oohalo  Movie Tickets

Nirantharam Nee Oohalo

  • Release Date :
  • Aug 24, 2012
  • Director :
  • Elred Kumar
  • Genre :
  • Romance
  • Language :
  • Telugu
Cast & Crew :
The film deals with the love story between Ram, a Chennai boy and Charu, a Bangalore girl. Before you know it, Ram is all head over heels for her. On the contrary, Charu only treats Ram as a good friend, to whom she becomes even closer after his mother dies. But, He gathers up all the courage and expresses his feelings for her, only to get rejected in the process. The story doesn`t end here because Amala returns as Ram`s boss from the US. The confusion starts here and everybody is lost in the process to figure out - what`s actually happening and if Amala Paul has just arrived from the US then was Ram hallucinating all this time?

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1 Review



Honestly...I have never seen a movie this bad..!! It was yawn right from the start to the end..the theme is pathetic, the screenplay and direction is not up to the mark. Wait a minute...are you planning to watch this movie because some body told you that the chemistry between the two leads rocks...? Then I would rather suggest you take that friend of yours to a psychiatrist...except for one song "O Sunanda, Sunanda..." the entire movie is an utter waste of time and money....!!