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OMG! Oh My God! (U)
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OMG! Oh My God! (U)

Comedy SocialHindi
OMG! Oh My God! (U) Movie Tickets

Director: Umesh Shukla

Cast & Crew: Paresh Rawal, Mithun Chakraborty, Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar

Music: Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan, Sachin, Jigar

Voice Over: Salman Khan

Based on the acclaimed Gujarati play, 'Kanji Virrudh Kanji' and Hindi play, 'Kishen v/s Kanhaiya'. The film is set in Kanji Bhai, an antique shopkeeper's life. Kanji Bhai begins to loose faith in God when a a slight tremor destroys only his shop in the entire city. The film revolves around his simple lifestyle and his refusal to accept God's existence.

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Arun Kumar Arun Kumar
Super Hit
Ashwin Ashwin

A MUSSSSSTTT WATCH MOVIE This is the first time I am writing movie review. As i am forced to after, watching such a Excellent, revolutionary concept. This movie has changed my opinion. Enlighten yourself by watching OMG

Super Hit
Sudsniper Sudsniper

OMG itsss fullll of shitttt movieee no ntertainmnt @ alll

Time Pass
Rajesh Rajesh

simple stop putting money in hundis.... if u want to do anything for poor...u urself do it.... superb concept & issues shown..

Super Hit
Soham Soham

Excellent story and concept OMG is by the onw of the best social satire based movies that i have witnessed.

Super Hit
Ashutosh Ashutosh

Meaningful movie to watch Really a sensible and meaningful movies. Great concept.

Super Hit
Ayub Ayub

omg great concept of the movie must watch it!!!!!!!!!!

Super Hit
shiv chouhan shiv chouhan

VERY TRUE must watch & must follow in our life.....then india will definately progress

Super Hit
Rahul Rahul

OMG review A good comedy that also makes you think a bit and question your day to day activities that we may have taken for granted. A must watch for all those who are highly religious and believe it lots of rituals. Theme is different and well executed.

Super Hit

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