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Rajjo (U/A)
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Rajjo (U/A) Movie Tickets

Rajjo (U/A)

  • Release Date :
  • Nov 15, 2013
  • Director :
  • Vishwas Patil
  • Genre :
  • Drama
  • Duration :
  • 2 hrs 17 mins
  • Language :
  • Hindi
Verdict :
The journey of a natch girl.
A romantic musical, Rajjo is the journey of a nautch girl in the most extraordinary circumstances. It tells the love story of Rajjo (Kangana Ranaut) and Chandu (Paras Arora) set against the backdrop of the dying Kothas of Mumbai that nurtured the traditional art of singing and dancing for centuries.

The story`s central characters are Rajjo, a Muslim girl and Chandu, a young Brahmin boy. When Chandu helps his team win a cricket match, the team decides to celebrate the victory by visiting the Kothas of Nagpada. This is where Chandu meets Rajjo who mesmerizes him with her elegant Mujra dance and it is love at first sight for him.

Chandu belongs to a family of music lovers; he is a very good harmonium player, his mother is a Bhajan singer. Rajjo is trained under Kothewali Amma; she is naughty, sweet and quite attractive. Music is the common thread between them, as is the strong attraction that draws Rajjo and Chandu together and seals their love. Simultaneously the Nagpada area goes under the clutches of re-development and all the dancers and singers are under the shadow of this potential danger. Amidst these circumstances, Rajjo and Chandu have to deal with Begum (Mahesh Manjrekar) who runs the Kotha and Hande Bhau (Prakash Raj), a corporator with powerful political connections who has his eye set on Rajjo. With everything working against them, will Rajjo and Chandus love be able to triumph against all odds?

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79 Reviews


Larry Dougal

kangana what were you and the director thinking when you made this movie ,its vulgar , boring and a total waste of money ,nothing in the movie is worth a watch ,after krish this is big low for me to see,Paras has done an average job.

1 Review


Aajay Paachpute

it is paisa vasul film ahe ... mag saglyani baghave he avhan aahe ...

2 Reviews


Rachit Gupta

The most boring film of the year. The direction is apallingly amateur. The whole movie looks like it was made by a dumb film school student. I know this is the directors debut movie but he should have and could have done a much better job. This is a certified horrible film

1 Review


Zain Raus

super hit movie i like it... it paisea vasul movie

Rajjo (U/A)


BMS Reviewer

There are times when you enter a cinema hall and wonder to yourself, how bad can this be? Sometimes, the universe delivers an answer. This movie is one of those. Directed and written by… Vishwas Patil, this is two and a half hours of complete and utter pain. The story is about a nautch-girl, Rajjo ...

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