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Rebel (U/A)

Action DramaKannada
Rebel (U/A) Movie Tickets

Director: S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu

Cast & Crew: Adithya, Preetha Rao, Suhasini Maniratnam

Music: Jassie Gift

Rebel is an action film about the fight against the establishment. Adithya plays the role of an NSG commando who turns rebel. The film is about what he does when he has to choose between his mother and motherland.

The Hindu

There are some films that are so bad that they are fun to watch. And then there is a film like S.V. Rajendra Singh Babus Rebel which does not fall even into that category. With an incomprehensible plot, strange dialogues, bad dubbing, poor acting and to add to it, some weird fetish with wigs, the film leaves its audience distressed.

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Girish Girish

Rebel Please don't release such movies again and bring down the quality of sandalwood industry. Worst movie which I watched till date

Dhananjaya Dhananjaya

Rebel I don't no y our kannada industry will release diz type of only our ppl will nt cm to watch kannada movies.....

Deepu Deepu

Rebel The worst Kannada movie I have ever watched .. Experienced team doing an amateur's work !!!!

Sujay Sujay

Rebel Movie is too good !! must watch.... action sequence is too good.... guns....are interesting too....

Super Hit
Puneeth Puneeth

Rebel waste nothing inside the movie bad direction screenplay edting overall bakwas movie camera work 0 meaning less everseen I never think rajendra singh babu do this type of movie after seeing his movie muttinhara we r not accpet this type movie in our mother tang kannada

Pravren Pravren

Rebel the worst movie I have ever seen in my life and the substandard weapons are very good than film

Sampath Giri Sampath Giri

Rebel A very opt subject. Powerful performance. An encourageable attempt.

Super Hit
Vijay Vijay

Rebel Rebel is a Visual Trouble. Story Screenplay Direction Acting all are substandard like Weapons shown in movie

Raveendra Raveendra

Rebel 15 year old movie released today. Utter waste please don't go for it.


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