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Spirit (Malayalam) (U/A)
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Spirit (Malayalam) (U/A) Movie Tickets

Spirit (Malayalam) (U/A)

  • Release Date :
  • Jun 15, 2012
  • Director :
  • Ranjith
  • Genre :
  • Family, Thriller
  • Duration :
  • 2 hrs 25 mins
  • Language :
  • Malayalam
Cast & Crew :
Reghunandan is an ex-Bank of England employee who resigned his lucrative job because he was bored with the nature of his work. Having lived in different parts of the world as a bank employee, he chose journalism as his next career and worked in different Indian metros. Not satisfied, he quit the job yet again and is now writing an English novel. Captain Nambiar is his next door friend. So also is Meera and her husband Alex. Strange as it might seem, Meera was once married to Reghunandan. And then Manian the plumber enters Reghunandan`s relaxed and comfortable life and changes everything, bringing some meaning to his life.

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1 Review


Subhash N

Watched twice from bangalore. Both theaters were house full with claps and laughs throughout the film. The second time when i watched it was more impressive than the first time. I recommend that all should see twice you will get to know the beauty more. Lalettan was awesome with his versatile performance, and master piece script by ranjith. In a word the film is "AWESOME". LALISM seen once again, you are still the best Lalettaa...:) :)

2 Reviews

True Spirit

2 years ago



Spirit, it conveys a lot. it gives a BIG outlook how keralites, especially the lower class family is affected by alcoholism. Now about the movie, it 100% succeeded in conveying the idea about the subject. No one can say that Mohanlal wasted the role in it. look at the way he handled the life of an addicted person. He did it beautifully. It never got bored for me. Then, had Renjith added any scene that thrills Mohanlal as an actor, film would have been worse. Renjith showed his true talent by sh

1 Review



A New-GEM movie which everyone needs to watch & applaud - Thanks Ranjith, Mohanlal & Aashirvaad for a wonderful movie 3.25/5 BOx Office - The movie has taken a thunderous opening throughout Kerala, which was unheard of for such movies, hope the trend continues & the movie becomes a safe venture

1 Review



Mohanlal did it again! Its an amazing theme movie to watch. If you are someone who loves a movie if it has shades of documentary or a message to give, this one is for you.

11 Reviews



Ranjith again did a good job ..But i believe at the end film not able to convey the exact message to spectators!!!!!!!!!!