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The Lost Tape (U/A)
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The Lost Tape (U/A) Movie Tickets

The Lost Tape (U/A)

  • Release Date :
  • Sep 14, 2012
  • Director :
  • Rakshit Dahiya
  • Genre :
  • Drama, Horror
  • Duration :
  • 1 hr 16 mins
  • Language :
  • Hindi
Five youngsters went into the woods of Chail, Himachal Pradesh to explore an old urban legend's story. They were oblivious to the fact that they were slowly becoming part of the story.

The more they found out, the closer they got to what they thought was merely a myth. After entering the woods, they were never seen again. The search for them lasted 6 months after which the case was closed.

Until one day, the police recovered a digital video recorder, which held the unexplained secret. This film unfolds the mystery of those 5 youngsters' mysterious disappearance. A tale of Love, friendship, betrayal and fear of the devil and the Lord himself..

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