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The Victim (Konkani) (U)
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The Victim (Konkani) (U)

The Victim (Konkani) (U) Movie Tickets

Director: Milroy Goes

Cast & Crew: Prajkta Biliye, Kunal Malarkar, Apoorva Sharma, Sarita Vogt, Princy Gupta, Deepraj Rana, Razak Khan, Ragesh Asthanaa, Keshav Nadkarni

Verdict: Keshav Nadkarni, Kevin D`Mello

The film tells the life story of Ashley (Kunal Malarkar) and how he is bound to look after two families and fall a victim.

The story revolves around two good friends 'King Deepraj Rana and Ashley (Kunal Malarkar)' where one dies in an accident while accomplishing a task given by his friend Ashley. Even though Ashley is married, he is obliged to give homely support to his friend's wife Veronica (Jitu Jadhav) and her daughter. This leads to a situation beyond repair with Ashley (Kunal Malarkar) and his wife Sonia (Princy Gupta).

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