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Thegidi (U)

Thegidi (U) Movie Tickets

Director: P. Ramesh

Cast & Crew: Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer

Music: Nivas Prasanna

Verdict: The adventures of a detective who unravels significant facts behind a series of murders.

The film revolves around the lead hero, played by Ashok Selvan, a detective and a postgraduate in Criminology who very skillfully tries to use his criminology skills to unravel some noteworthy facts behind a series of murder mysteries.

Karthik Keramalu (

Ashok Selvan of Soodhu Kavvum and Pizza II fame plays the role of a private detective in the film. He is hired by a detective agency. There is one rule for the detective he should not, in any situation, approach his subject. But as luck would have it or we might call it the script, the detective falls in love with Janani Iyer. Janani Iyer is supposed to be a subject about whom the detective agency requires some details. Just when Vetri (Ashok Selvan) prepares himself to confess, he finds himself in a mess. The details he collected about certain people as part of his job die, one by one. He soon finds out that there is a pattern in their death. All of them have been killed in accidents. He is knowledgeable enough to learn that the next victim would be Madhu (Janani). He goes through a lot of trouble and enters and exits buildings to bring the truth out from a shallow field.Jayaprakash plays the role of a police officer. He believes Vetri is innocent and follows whatever Vetri says. One clue leads to another, and then another, and finally the murderer and the motive are revealed. Thegidi has an open climax indicating a sequel, just like the Vijay Sethupathi starrer Pizza.

M Suganth (TNN)

Thegidi is the latest in the list of new-age Tamil films that are popping up at regular intervals since Karthik Subbaraj's trendsetting Pizza. It has all the elements that characterize these films relatively new but familiar actors, impressive cinematography, likable music, competent direction, recognizable locations, and a little of envelope pushing (though nothing radical). There is even a Pizza-like post-climatic twist here that leaves the film an open-ended mystery.So, it comes as no surprise that the film works. The plot has the feel of a 80s Rajesh Kumar/Subha/Pattukottai Prabhakar potboiler, in which an intrepid detective finds himself in an intriguing situation and solves a mystery with his daring and (a little bit of) cleverness. Here, Vettri, a young criminology graduate, lands a job in a private detective agency (Radical Detective Service), and is given a few subjects to track, observe and report.


According to a line from "Thegidi", "the core concentration of a detective's job is shadowing and surveillance".It's after you hear this line and understand what it means completely, you realize how brilliantly the entire story of the film is built on this single line. With films like "Pizza" and "Soodhu Kavvum" proving to be successful with wacky content and offbeat presentation, "Thegidi" conveniently falls in that list of films that manage to push the envelope effortlessly.

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Deepak Raja Deepak Raja

My review for Thegidi U pakka mass super gethu padam movie , kalakitagga pogga , super movie must see

Super Hit
Harish Chandramohan Harish Chandramohan

My review for Thegidi U superb movie. my wishes to director p.ramesh and thriller ashok selvan.

Super Hit
Chinna Thala Chinna Thala

My review for Thegidi U awsm movie to watch ashok selvan did a great job and background score is superb

Nagajeevan Sankaranarayanan Nagajeevan Sankaranarayanan

Good time pass very good, but expected more on seeing reviewsneways, its a good entertainer

Super Hit
Gopal Ravi Gopal Ravi

My review for Thegidi U Intresting crime story,thriller story,Dont miss it...

Super Hit
Arun Kumar Arun Kumar

My review for Thegidi U The suspense doesnt unfold even When u get to know the murderer...Out an out edge seat thriller

Super Hit
Gopi Kr Gopi Kr

My review for Thegidi U Nice thriller movie after long time. Screenplay was awesome. Kudos to the whole team.

Vasudevan L Vasudevan L

My review for Thegidi U Very Different backdrop. Definitely Worth Watching

Super Hit
Karthik Raj Karthik Raj

My review for Thegidi U Nobody touched this story line yet. Interesting screenplay. hats off to the team..Dont miss..

Super Hit

The movie is yet to hit the cinemas.