Tukaram (Marathi) (U)
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Tukaram (Marathi) (U)

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Tukaram (Marathi) (U) Movie Tickets

Cast & Crew: Jitendra Joshi, Radhika Apte, Sharad Ponkshe, Prateeksha Lonkar, Yatin Karyekar, Veena Jamkar

Music: Ashok Patki, Avdhoot Gupte

The revered saint and philosopher -poet Tukaram (1608-49), is possibly the only saint whose importance and popularity has not diminished through the centuries. Tukaram impressed upon the community that one can seek and attain spiritual knowledge even as one carries out worldly duties.

Tukaram was born in 1608 in Dehu, a village near Pune in a family who were devoted followers of the deity Vitthal or Vithoba (a form of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver in the Hindu Trinity). The family belonged to the Kunbi caste and they were moneylenders and traders by profession.

This film traces the journey of a common man to sainthood. It is a journey that gives us immense confidence. Tukaram's era comprises of the period when the people of Maharashtra were being exploited by the Adilshahi and Nizamshahi rule. This great saint-poet awakened the self-esteem of these common people. He instilled in them the emotion that their lives were valuable too. In doing so, he helped to gather soldiers for the establishment of the Maratha empire. He brought verve and confidence to a frustrated, depressed society. What better miracle could there be?

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Ajinkya Palkar Ajinkya Palkar

Awesome!! One of the most well made movie of the year. The movie brings Tukaram to life and takes us through his life from being a humble money lender to the greatness that is remembered even today. The most beautiful part of this creation is the real world representation of metaphorical legends.Especially the end sequence which was stamped onto our minds by the 1936 classic.kudos to Jitendra joshi for his portrayal of Tukaram.

Super Hit
Shekhar Bopardikar Shekhar Bopardikar

TUKARAM Excellent Movie.After a long time saw a verywell made film.Excellent Screenplay,crisp dialogues,great cinematography,music and direction and above all great acting by all starcast.All in all a movie worth a thousand miles.

Super Hit
Satyajit Chavan Satyajit Chavan

Movie of the Year 2012 ! Jitu Joshi - Must be a Actor of year for Zee Gaurav & others...! Harish,,,Fact,,, natar hach,,,

Super Hit
Soham Kale Soham Kale

Apratim ! Khas navya pidhi sathi... ! Young generation will love this movie.

Super Hit
Uday Walagade Uday Walagade

Awesome movie awesome movie, awesome music and awesome story...

Super Hit
Prashant thakur Prashant thakur

Great Movie Very good Acting from Jitendra Joshi what a natural actor man, music is very smooth such great combination

Super Hit
Pawan Pawan

Commendable work! Very well crafted movie. Credit goes entire tukaram team and Jitendra Joshi. Gr8 work!

Super Hit


Super Hit
Aniket Naik Aniket Naik
Super Hit

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