Vishwaroopam (Tamil) (U/A)
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Vishwaroopam (Tamil) (U/A)

Action Drama ThrillerTamil
Vishwaroopam (Tamil) (U/A) Movie Tickets

Director: Kamal Haasan

Cast & Crew: Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Rahul Bose

Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Vishwanath alias Wiz, a Kathak exponent, and Nirupama, get married. Each have an agenda and seem to have achieved their wishes within three years of matrimony. Nirupama gets her Ph.D and Wiz runs his dance class in New Jersey, unhindered by each other. All is fine till Dr. Nirupama aspires for more and wants to opt out of the arranged marriage. She cannot cite any specific reason to leave Wiz as there is nothing to complain about. Every male according to Nirupama must have a flaw. So she decides to find out something about him to feel better about her decision to part. Nirupama then hires a detective to rake up something on him, wires get cross-connected and before we know it hell breaks loose.

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Selva Karthi Selva Karthi

My review for Vishwaroopam Tamil UA unbelievable Tamil Movie Never seen in my life... Awesome

Super Hit
Sathish DV Sathish DV

Vishwaroopam - Master piece from Ulaganayagan Vishwaroopam is one of the best I ever watched... Direction and Screenplay is brilliant and extraordinary... enjoyed a lot while watching 3 times... Gonna watch this weekend both Saturday and Sunday again... still enthu not gone down a bit Eagerly waiting for Vishwaroopam 2... All the best for our thalaivar

Super Hit
Ganesh Sank Ganesh Sank

My review for Vishwaroopam Tamil UA vishwaroopam needs guts from kamal haasan... kamal as known has shown his talent to heights

Super Hit
Britto P Britto P

My review for Vishwaroopam Tamil UA One of the best movies I have ever watched... Specially first 30 minutes...

Super Hit
Prakash Sekar Prakash Sekar

Tamil movie in a hollywood style Really a good movie, Super cinematography and nice sound effects... Ulaganayagan Rocks... Waiting for Vishwaroopam II...

Super Hit
Perumal Pandian Perumal Pandian

Super Duper Hit must watchable movable movie... this will be the first Indian Hollywood movie... Hats off to Kamal sir...

Super Hit
Arun Devarajan Arun Devarajan

Viswaroopam - Ulaganayagan s Extravaganza I would surely say that this movie would take Indian Cinema to a new level in Film making... Dialogues are very sharp... Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography, Casting, Stunts, Art direction, Songs are topnotch... Well, we all know Kamal sir brings in a different standard for acting onto the table every time he is on screen... I dont see any commercial elements purposely fully squeezed into the film... When a bomb blasts, it makes u feel it really happens... Waiting for the second outing... It makes me ask a question, why Kamal sir directed so less movies in his whole career since each of his own films are masterpieces... Hats Off to Kamal Sir...

Super Hit
Kamal Arumugam Kamal Arumugam

My review for Vishwaroopam Tamil UA Excellent collection of kamal hasan is vishwaroopam... Issues happend in india, made kamal hasan popular in other countries... Hats off for the idiots, who requested for ban and made it more popular...

Super Hit
Venkat Raj Venkat Raj

My review for Vishwaroopam Tamil UA Strangely, I am at loss of words on how to describe this movie


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