Yaare Nee Mohiniya (Kannada) (A)
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Yaare Nee Mohiniya (Kannada) (A)

Drama HorrorKannada
Yaare Nee Mohiniya (Kannada) (A) Movie Tickets

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The movie features three tracks that center around spirits. The first track centers around Vishal (Akash) marrying Pooja (Shantala) a priests daughter who is superstitious. Pooja then gets possessed by spirits , not only does she become violent but also becomes oblivious to her own behavior.

The second track features Vicky (Skanda) who`s late wife, Saraswathi`s (Ullasini) spirit troubles him as she and her parents were murdered by him. Lastly, the third track features Premachari who doesn`t believe in the supernatural world but he ends up falling in love with Aishwarya, a ghost who leaves him after their child is born.

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