Discount Coupons

How to use my Win Pin?

Using Win Pin to avail your discount is very easy. Simply follow the steps below.

Winpin Code
Choose the movie of your choice.
Winpin Code
Select the date of your show.
Winpin Code
Select the showtime and cinema of your choice and proceed through the booking flow
Winpin Code

To avail the offer, click on "Redeem to Discount Coupons & Aval Offers" and enter your unique WinPin Code and click Apply.

What is WINPIN?

WINPIN are 16 digit promotional codes that offer a convenient way to present customers, employees or partners with free or discounted tickets over the Internet/mobile.

Winpin is for one time use only & the amount on Winpin cannot be carried forward in the next transaction.

Winpin can be redeemed on the payment page-step 1 of post movie, date, cinema, seat category is selected. In the case of booking tickets on mobile winpin can be entered on the offer screen post all selections

Please follow the steps to enjoy the discount on your Win Pin