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3 Spices

2 hrs 20 mins

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A unique blend of three short plays highlighting different shades, complications and beauty in relationships.

Merry Go Round - Do Behnen by Premchand (Hindi) :
Adapted by Tarun Dangwal
Directed by Saurav Padhi
Witty characterization of two sisters pursuing their separate lives. See the two clash in the inimitable, humorous and sarcastic style of Premchand and a unique adaptation to fit into today`s world.

The Boor by Anton Chekhov (English):
Adapted & Dir. Tarun Dangwal
One of author Anton Chekhov`s well-known classic farce showcasing an interesting turn of comedy and romance between a crude and rude landowner seeking to recover his debt and a grieving yet snooty young widow.

The Bachelors by Tarun Dangwal (Hinglish):
Adapted & Dir. Saurav Padhi
Everybody aspires to live this part again and again so why typecast? An original story by Tarun Dangwal, this play explores the dynamism of the so-called underground section of the society with a few humorous twists and turns in the tale.
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