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A Ghost! A Mistress! A Will!

A Ghost! A Mistress! A Will!

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Director: Sayandeb Bhattacharya
Sadichha-R Rangbadal, an apt translation of Sahitya Academy Award winner Mahesh Dattani`s `Where there`s a will` unfolds a wacky comedy of the Last Wish. Translated by Meghnad Bhattacharya and directed by Sayandeb Bhattacharya.

Welcome to the lavish house of Hasmukh Mehta, an autocrat business tycoon who enjoys ruling his family and his self-earned business with equal dominance. The curtain rises to unveil a conversation between Hasmukh and his 27-year old son, Ajit, who inevitably disapproves his patriarch father. Hasmukh`s family, through his eyes, casts a boring wife Sonal with an `insipid` marital life, a `nincompoop` son Ajit, and a daughter-in-law Preeti who is `sly as a snake`. But, the play suddenly takes a sharp turn with the demise of Hasmukh Mehta.

The skeleton in the cupboard comes out with Hasmukh`s Last Wish. The story reaches its dramatic peak when the family is forced to accept an unexpected guest, Kiran, Hashmukh`s mistress. Can the family bear this shock and accept Kiran? What is Kiran`s wish? Can WILL POWER triumph over? The climax of the play holds the answers to these intriguing questions.

``Joy is the essence of life and I have always believed that theatre should exude delight. Where There`s a Will is such a play. It is not only thought provoking and introspective but also provides an evening of pure entertainment.`` - Mahesh Dattani.

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