Afterlife Of Birds

Afterlife Of Birds

1 hr 40 mins

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Director: Abhishek Majumdar
Writer: Abhishek Majumdar
Artists: Sandeep Shikhar, Anuja Ghosalkar, Virginia Rodrigues , Shrunga B.V , Shrunga B.V , Anju Alva, Ashok Vasudevan, Naveen Kumar
The play revolves around the notions of nationalism and loyalty. It
is an attempt to examine the uprisings of common people, of the varied
positions between `for` and `against` and how history deals with failed movements.

Set against the backdrop of the LTTE women`s cadre and false encounters of young muslim boys, it is a tale of bravery, disappointment and moving generations.

Set on the night of January 25th, the play revolves around the stories
of Rashid and Poorani, two people connected by history.
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