All`s Well That Ends
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All`s Well That Ends

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  • English
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  • 1 hr 20 mins
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It is the year 2012, and as the doomsday clock ticks closer and closer to the apocalyptic hour, a reincarnated Shiva, the destroyer, descends to personally see that the job gets done. But his kicky wicky will have none of it. So, as a benevolent god, he leaves mankind`s fate in it`s own hands. Well, somewhat.When news of impending doom leaks at the Fort Serina penitentiary for the criminally deranged, chaos reigns as its five kooky inmates try and evade a hapless jailer to break out before its too late. Little do they know, that everything they do or don`t, inks Shiva`s final chapter for mankind. Do we stand a chance?

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