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Ammavra Ganda

Ammavra Ganda

1 hr 30 mins

No shows scheduled for now

Artists: Sushma S.V., Chandan Shankar, Santosh Karki, Rashmi
This probably is the simplest of the scripts with minimalistic everything. From sets to cast and from language to theme. In this play he talks about the real concept of feminism. The play revolves around two couples who know each other from college days. The boys know each other from football and cricket team and the girls from the history classes.
The roles and lifestyles of then gentlemen and ladies is well depicted in this play and for all our surprises it has not changed much from the time he has written it. Punch lines like Hen-peckkeddu from Cox-townoo are found everywhere. The fun filled social comedy play has strong message about life and spending life with your partner. His thoughts on feminism should be understood by the pseudo feminists who litter our society with westernised thoughts.
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