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An Evening with Anton Chekhov

An Evening with Anton Chekhov

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Director: Anmol Vellani
Artists: Ashish D Abreo, Ashish D Abreo, Sharanya Ramprakash, Sachin Gurjale, Anish Victor, Ravindra Vijay
An evening with Anton Chekhov throws the spotlight on three of the master playwright`s infrequently performed short plays and one of his short stories which we have adapted for the stage. These dramatic pieces which range from uproariously funny to bitter-sweet comedy have one common factor: They feature male characters occupying centre stage, raving and rant about their wretched lives, firmly believing and wanting us to believe that domineering, deceitful or manipulative women are at the root cause of the happy circumstances in which they find themselves.

These plays may lead us to think that Chekhov was an incorrigible misogynist but that would be to assume - mistakenly - that the playwright is speaking through the voice of the male characters. While Chekhov wants us to sympathize with his protagonists and recognize something about ourselves in our foibles. He does not share their point of view but expects us to be amused as he clearly is by their self-inflated image, by how they misrepresent themselves to the world and by their lame efforts to hold others responsible for what has befallen them.

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