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Anything But Love (A)

Anything But Love (A)

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Director: Vikranth Pawar
Artists: Mandira Bedi, Samir Soni
Mandira Bedi and Samir Soni star in 'Anything But Love', a comedy for adults with cut throat humor, blended with stilling poignancy.

You and I in this beautiful world. Well the world isn't really that beautiful, especially if you and I have been divorced and happen to bump into each other.Anything but love, is a story of two such people, recently divorced but may be still very much in love. Does life give them a second chance? Do they conform? Between gay psychiatrists and second spouses will they choose to be with each other or will they let bygones be bygones?

Cut throat humor, blended with stilling poignancy, it's a fast and sometimes, furious joyride! Come join us in Anything but love.
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