Arre O Henry

1 hr 25 mins

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Director: Salim Arif
Writer: Gulzar
Artists: Lubna Salim, Jameel Khan, Nissar Khan, Neetu Pandey, Amit Jairath, Akriti Singh, Arshad Khan, Yassir Khan
Gulzar Saab's interpretation of four of O Henry's short stories:

Nuskha opens on a scene of two men playing cards- one of them is playing a much bigger game. Bal Bal Bache is about a barber who has a cure for baldness. Shadi kara lo is about 2 men finding a way to make quick money. All they need is a pretty widow. Madam is about a lady with 'real' fine taste.

Duration-85 minutes (With Interval)
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