Bairu Ek Puchhario Taro
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Bairu Ek Puchhario Taro

  • Language :
  • Gujarati
  • Director :
  • Writer :
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  • Genre :
  • Drama

Captain Noshirwan Marker, a religious and old-fashioned ex-military officer, is enjoying life after retirement with his wife, Nergish and two daughters, Zarine and Farzeen, along with an old Irani maid, Gover. Their lives are disturbed when Harun brings them a surprise gift from an Arabic Sheikh, whose life Noshirwan saved during the Libya war. Everyone is surprised to see this gift and they`re annoyed with Noshirwan, who`s forced to accept it.

Then enters Nasli, Noshirwan`s twin brother, who ran away from home when he was a child. He has now returned as a modern playboy, whom nobody knows, except Zarine. As expected, everyone is confused when they see Noshirwan and are unaware that he is really Nasli.

The situation is further complicated when Zarine`s fiance and his parents visit them to finalize their engagement! What happens next? There`s only one way to find out!

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