Bengaluru International Art Festival (Comedy)

Bengaluru International Art Festival (Comedy)

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BIAF (Bengaluru International Arts Festival) is an initiative by AIM (Artists Introspective Movement). AIM has been initiated by internationally acclaimed Veena exponent, Dr.Suma Sudhindra and renowned Kuchipudi exponent, Veena Murthy Vijay. Their core working committee consists of young well- known art practitioners and the art loving elite of Bengaluru.

September 7 at 8pm:
BIAF (Comedy) Jagriti Season Twenty Twelve

A Standup style show, promising a hilarious evening with tall tales, ranging from a first time USA visit
to the anguish of VISA rejects. From Nepali gurkhas to Coimbatore culture shocks, first kisses, finding apartments, film shoots, flimsy food, the South Indian arranged marriage syndrome and pets that were set to take over the world - this show promises to provide enough food for thought and more!

Evam - Evam entertainment is an award winning theater entrepreneurship which aims to revolutionize Indian theater. Evam is a 9 year young thriving organization with more than 25 plays and 450 performances, across India and the globe to their credit.

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