Bengaluru International Art Festival (Music)

Bengaluru International Art Festival (Music)

No shows scheduled for now

Madras String Quartet:
Madras String Quartet (MSQ) founded in 1993, based in Chennai, South India performed originally
regular western music repertoire. The founder and first violinist of the quartet, V.S. Narasimhan who
had a formidable base in Carnatic music (southern Indian classical system) embarked on a remarkable
musical voyage. He explored new frontiers in chamber music performance with his quartet with a unique combination of Southern Indian classical music with western harmonic principles.

Members of the Madras String Quartet:
V.S.Narasimhan (1st Violin), Hemanthraj Muliyil (2nd Violin), B.J.Chandran (Viola) and V.R.Sekar (Cello).

This will be followed by Manasi Prasad`s performance

Manasi Prasad
Manasi Prasad is one of the best-known young Carnatic musicians and combines years of traditional
training with a modern outlook. Along with her year-round performance schedule in India and other
parts of the world, Manasis activities include recording and composing music for her albums, writing
and speaking on the arts, creating new productions and hosting various television shows. She is also
the head of an ambitious arts project the Centre for Indian Music Experience-which will be Indias first interactive music museum.

Numerous awards have come her way, including the prestigious BismillahKhan Yuva Puraskar from Government of Indias Sangeet Natak Akademi, the Rotary-Brigade Young
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