Big B..

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Director: Dr M Sayeed Alam, Niti Sayeed
Writer: Munshi Premchand, Dr M Sayeed Alam, Niti Sayeed
Artists: Pierrots Troupe, Ram N Diwakar
`Big B`???? No, not Mr. Bachchan, it`s Mr. Premchan(d). It`s the English and the dramatic
version of the latter`s celebrated Hindi short-story `Bade Bhai Saheb`. It`s a full-length play... the first of its kind... the first ever in `Broken English`. Savour it: It`s about two `English-Educated-Hindi-Speaking` brothers - the `studious` Kamta Prasad and the `sporty` Samta Prasad. No wonder, the play revolves around History & Hockey, Geography & Gilli Danda and Chemistry & Cricket too! Also, Rekha Ganit. She is Kamta`s heartthrob and the daughter of the `Ganit` teacher. As also Algebra, defined by Samta as `a subject on which even Allah has no Jabr`.
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