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Director: Anoop Joshi
Writer: Yogesh Soman
Artists: Hulugappa Kattimani, Geetha Montadka, Prashanth Hiremath
The original Marathi play 'Checkmate' is based on the say ''Behind every great fortune there lies a crime.'' The couple Nachiketh and Nandini frustrated out of mundane life falls behind life full of kick, thrill and posh-ness. During this course the couple lies, loot and kill, in order to obtain the desired wealth.
The police lay trap that out beats the cunning-ness of the wrong doers and bring them to the books. Every act, every scene and each dialogue of Checkmate is very carefully woven to show how people shamelessly live, violating laws without an iota of guilt. The series of nail biting scenes eventually leads to establish that the criminals wouldn't go unpunished.
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