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  • Play, Drama, Social, Thriller

New years eve 2006 - A series of bombings have destroyed many innocent people`s lives. Dedicated to his job, RAW agent, Major Naag has devoted his life to capturing notorious terrorists, Shakaal and his brother Baz. After being arrested, Shakal vows to revenge and is imprisoned in the high security vault of Tihar Prison.

Five years later, the Rai family lead their lives as usual, Govind, Rekha and their two children, Arya and Ram, take each other for granted. As they leave to begin their day, the news breaks about the break out from Tihar Prison and the escapes of the dangerous convicts Shakaal, Baz and a theif, Raakha.

In a vengeful plan, Shakaal along with his brother and Raakha take the family hostage and use their home as a hideout while Shakaal awaits the double crossing killing of his nemesis, Naag who imprisoned him all those years ago. Whilst they destroy the lives of the Rai family, Naag and Rashid are called back in desperation to investigate and track these criminals down. But this time the game is smart and the tactics, ruthless, Naag must track them down before they rip the family apart.

A subtle exploration of the judiciary and the threats that exist today, this story carefully deconstructs the complications of family ties and friendship.

How do you save valuable lives in desperate hours and how deceitfully can you play a game?

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