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Crazy Mohan's Chocolate Krishna

Crazy Mohan's Chocolate Krishna


Vani Mahal,
103, G.N. Road, T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017, India

Artists: Madhu Balaji, Madhu Balaji & Team
The story revolves around Maadhu, a sales executive in a company that manufactures chocolates. Despite his hard work, he does not get rewarded appropriately. He has several problems at his home - a father who is an aspiring flutist, an unmarried sister and a grandmother, who involves herself in petty thefts. Maadhu, a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, is hopeful that the Almighty would help him overcome all his problems. Finally Lord Krishna arrives to rescue Maadhu. Maadhu Balaji plays Maadhu while Crazy Mohan dons the role of Lord Krishna.
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