Death Knocks (U)

Death Knocks (U)

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We, the Rebelz present their Eleventh production Death Knocks, a dark but humorous take on the
facets of death. An assortment of three short plays, Death Knocks is an ideal stressbuster for the weekend.

Play-1: Deadly Visitor:
Nat Ackerman is a bald, 57 year-old man with a paunch who is sitting on his sofa reading the daily news when he hears
a noise and looks towards window. He is shocked to see a somber black figure who calls himself death. Is it really
Death? Will death get what he wants or will Nat Ackerman manage to deceive death itself?

Play-2: Ghost Busters
Mr. & Mrs. Swamy run Ghost Busters Inc. and are the absolute specialists when it comes to dealing with the
paranormal with a 100% success rate. Now they are employed by the Reddys to drive the spirits away from their
old bungalow. Are things really as rosy as they seem are there no consequences in meddling with the affairs of
the dead?

Play-3: Heavens Waiting Room
Martin Dexter is confused to find himself in the waiting room. He remembers breaking up with his girlfriend, and
oh yes, falling to his death. But where does he go from here? Seems there are two possibilities...
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