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Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

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After 3 successful productions, The Yellow Brick Project is back with its 4th musical-dance extravaganza - Dirty Laundry. Fast-moving, funny and innovative, Dirty Laundry tells the quirky story an a typical Indian family. Throw in the 40 member cast, some swing, broadway jazz & old school hip-hop, a dash of Bollywood, and a live band & choir and what you have is an out-and-out entertainer.
When a philosophy professor allows himself to be seduced by one of his students, it sets into motion an inexplicable chain of events that leaves none untouched, culminating in an uproarious and dramatic climax that nobody sees coming. Both comical and poignant in parts, the play uses the explosive theme of infidelity to shine a spotlight on the relationships that lie at the heart of every family.
Looks like a family that shocks together, stays together, or do they?
About the Performers: The Yellow Brick Project is a Young Performers Collective in Delhi, founded in 2009 by Nitya Vaishnavi Singh and Prerna Kapur, alumni of Lady Shri Ram College to promote the performing arts and to empower the youth. The Yellow Brick Project brings together the best young talent in Delhi under one roof including actors, singers, dancers, musicians, costume & set designers, filmmakers and event managers. We aim to tell simple stories in the most entertaining way - by interweaving several dance, music and theatrical styles & simultaneously experimenting with film, audio-visuals, costumes & stage design to create a unique experience for the audience.
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