Dramanon Presents The Finals Of SKitS  in

Dramanon Presents The Finals Of SKitS

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Dramanon presents the finals of SKitS, the twelve minute short play competition which saw over 24 plays and 18 teams vying for the top spot. We are now ready with the best and will showcase them on August 12 at NIFT, Madhapur at 6pm.

Come and discover what happens when two NRI`s discuss India in the hilarious Goodness Gracious me, find your heart stirring when revolution is at your door with Call of the Revolution. Be a part of a birthday celebration which will make you think about life and love afterwards with the play Happy birthday.

You can also discover the joy of meeting women who discuss a bill in the funny act, 5 women and bill. Step into oppressed women`s shoes in the play Devdasi or dance with the gods and the devils in apna Hyderabad play, Richskewale ke sapnein . You could even find yourself in the middle of a date with Suzanne Patels story, Sure Thing or discover more about the drug called love in Drugged Love.

The Plays that will be screened at the competition are:

1.Call of the Revolution by Versatile Productions, written by Leonid Andreyev:
A man and a woman await the coming of a revolution in their town. The action moves closer and reaches their street, this compels them to decide what course to take to fight for freedom or to try and keep their family together.
Directed by: Stu Denison
Actors: Azadeh & Rohit Kumar

2. Sure Thing by Ginger Rain, written by David Ives:
A short comedy by David Ives, featuring a chance meeting of two characters in a cafe whose conversation is continually reset by a ringing bell and starts over when one of them responds negatively to the other.
Directed by: Suzanne Patel
Actors: Suzanne Patel & Prashant Yerramalli

3. Happy Birthday by Curtain Raisers, written by Nakul Sangolli:
A peep into a special relationship between a loving husband and his mischievous wife as he prepares dinner for two on their daughters birthday.
Directed by: Nakul Sangolli
Actors: Shashank Karmarkar & Kunjan Luthre

4. From India (Goodness Gracious Me) by Merchants Of Drama, from the TV series, Goodness Gracious Me:
A father uses various opportunities to educate his British-born son about how everything in the world is Indian. This comedy covers covers buildings, movies, and even the British Royal Family.
Directed by: Aashish Ramdas
Actors: Aashish Ramdas & Rakesh Krishnan

5. Rikshewale ke Sapne by Laharien:
Whoever said it was human to err and divine to forgive? Watch Rikshewale ke sapne to get a realistic image of our devi-devtas and see how they are just as


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