1 hr 30 mins

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Director: Sushil Kumar
About the play Fandi

What the law labels as a brutal murder, for Fandi it was just a rational way to end an individuals agony. He had killed his father, rather a patient of carcinoma, whose lungs had reached the last stage, pleading for an end every hour of the day. His poor house eagerly awaited the uninvited guest by the name of death, which although was on it`s way, yet the wait was unbearable. Poverty and the label of being an anti social element in the society is what he was rewarded, along with the grief of his family for the so called murder of his father. Locked behind those rigid iron bars of law, he now awaits death just like his father did and watches the gallows pole through the hopeless window.

Is there any law greater than humanity?

This play is a hope to have the above questions echo in the huge rooms of Korat.

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