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Faramji Ni Film Utri

Faramji Ni Film Utri

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Director: Sam Kerawalla
Writer: Dorab Mehta
Artists: Danesh Khambata, Huzan Wadia, Pheroza Modi , Parinaz Jal, Sharukh Irani, Farookh Kateli, Shauwan Irani, Zeenia Kolah, Pervez Mehta
Everyone, both the young and the old, is fascinated by the world of cinema. Faramji, a middle-aged Parsee gentleman, is no different. He lives near a film studio, and enjoys ogling at beautiful actresses through his window.
Kamal Kumari, a beautiful talented actress, is on the run from her producers overtures and seeks shelter at Faramjis house. A reluctant Faramji allows her shelter, but has to conceal the conspiracy from his wife. What follows is a game of hide-and-seek-full of fun and laughter.
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