Four Plays (Chennai)

Four Plays (Chennai)

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A Temporary Matter
Shobha and Siddharth are 30-somethings and married. They have recently lost their child in a miscarriage which has
strained their relationship. They attempt to reconcile but several skeletons are waiting to tumble out of their proverbial cupboard.
Founded in 1955, The Madras Players is the oldest English theatre group in India and is credited with over 250 productions.

The Purification Hunt
Vijay and Geeta run a tribal welfare programme in the jungle. It reminds people about the powerful official machinery and how helpless people are unless they toe the prescribed line.
Theatre Nisha is 12 years, 35 professional plays, 25 school and college plays, and more than a 1,000 students old.

The Flautist
The Flatulist examines the state of the entertainment industry as it is today the middlemen and the powerful puppeteers who decide the fate of the performer. The play teaches us that an artist is a sensitive person with rare sensibilities and they need to be respected.

Founded as a theatre company in 1990, The Boardwalkers has diversified to become a full-fledged entertainment company engaged in live music, television programming, ad and feature films.

Ganga At Rishikesh
The play explores three hypnotic and very disparate stories which are all connected to the Ganga Stray Factory is a Chennai-based, award-winning entertainment collaborative. The group works in the areas of both live and
digital entertainment.
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