Gandhari (U)

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Artists: Aishveryaa Nidhi
A solo performance from Mahabharatas character Gandhari who`s eyes are covered. The play is a thought-provoking socio political drama that is intelligently rendered.

About Essay Communications:
Essay Communications is a forum for theatre and other allied arts in Mumbai. Some of the productions which gave this group a distinct identity as a platform for meaningful artistic presentations include:

Javed Siddiqi`s Aapki Soniya, Kachche Lamhe and Humsafar.

Gulzar`s Kharaashein the scars from riots, which is a compilation of writings on communal harmony, Lakeerein lines that alter relationships and Atthanniyaan of Mumbai Mahanagar, a look at the street life on Mumbai.

Salim Arif`s Ghalibnama, a concert comprising of the letters and poems by Mirza Ghalib, Peele Patton Ka Ban , a collection of three monologues.

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