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Artists: Vivek Gomber, Prashant Praksh, Preetika Chawla, Dilnaz Irani
Hayavadana by Pushan Kriplani
The Industrial Theatre Co presents a fresh, new take on Girish Karnad`s Hayavadana, which takes off from Thomas Mann`s reworking of an age-old Sanskrit tale, The Transposed Heads. The Industrial Theatre Co`s production with its own set of distinct embellishments, seeks to give the tale, already possessing of much contemporary resonance, the quality of a latter-day fable. It does so by employing a zestful ensemble of young actors who speak a modern dialect while still adhering closely to the original text.

Kapil (Vivek Gomber) and Devdutt (Prashant Praksh) are best mates. Devdutt is a typical Brahmin; hes a learned poet and has the pale, shrinking body of someone who devotes his time to intellectual pursuits. Kapil, on the other hand, is uneducated, brutishly strong and fond of sport. The beautiful, impetuous Padmini (Preetika Chawla) marries Devdutt but fantasises about Kapils ripped body. During a trip to Ujjain, she gets to unwittingly create her dream lover. A jealous Devdutt sacrifices his head to Kali at a temple. Then, Kapil lops his own head off in a fit of fealty. Kali, wittily played by Dilnaz Irani, instructs Padmini to re-join the heads so she can bring the men back to life. In the darkness, Padmini attaches the wrong head to the wrong body. Now who gets the girl? The man with Devdutts clever head and Kapils strong body, or the man with Kapils head and Devdutts body, which has fathered the child Padmini is pregnant with? A sage rules in favour of Devdutts head. But all three soon realise that the body has a mind of its own
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