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Director: Shivani Tibrewala
Writer: Shivani Tibrewala
Artists: Meenal Patel, Chander Khanna, Vishal Patel, Shamath Mazumdar, Pathy Aiyar, Tariq Vasudeva, Shraddha Kaul
This is a hilarious satire on Indias socio-political-economic scenario. Helpdesk represents a world in which everyone is entitled to ask for help - whether you are a mother wanting to sell your son, a radio wanting your antenna amputated, an executive wanting to display your boyfriend in a shop-window, or a newspaper wanting to go tabloid. The only condition, of course, is that the request must be a reasonable one. The question that ultimately remains is... what is finally reasonable? And what sort of a world is it that we are striving for? Since its premiere in 2003, Helpdesk has been performed at several prominent venues in the city such as Alliance Francaise, the National Gallery of Modern Art, Horniman Circle Gardens, Press Club, IIT`s Mood Indigo, NCPA Chauraha, and many more. Shivani Tibrewala also directed a student production of Helpdesk at Mayo College, Ajmer, for their annual prize-giving day in December 2004.
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